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About us

We are a leading company in distributed generation and energy savings

We own a retail portfolio consisting of more than 8,000 plants, with a total capacity of more than 50 MW, supplied to domestic and small business users.

Today, we are focusing on the commercial development in the new market, management and maintenance of the facilities in our portfolio and searching for new opportunities in the field of SEU photovoltaic technologies.

This is why we have also decided to purchase two photovoltaic systems integrated into the industrial buildings of major companies such as Lamborghini and Electrolux and develop new business initiatives.

Further portfolios, the overall size of which equals some thousands of installations, are in the acquisition phase.



We also provide our customers with electricity supply contracts that allow for consumption savings.
Thanks to our retail portfolio, we guarantee stable cash flows and have a technological and marketing platform to increase the customer base, where we promote product cross-selling activities and distributed generation, energy efficienty and home automation services.

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