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Distributed Generation

Unrestrained development in the world of renewable energy sources

In recent years, the unrestrained development in the renewable energy field has led to the introduction of the distributed generation concept.

The electricity market is abandoning traditional production and distribution facilities, characterised by high transmission costs and a strong impact on the environment, in favour of small power generation plants spread throughout the territory that are able to produce clean energy.


A Smart Grid can be considered as a network of "mini-grids" where anyone can produce energy locally and use it to satisfy their own needs in a dynamic manner.

In addition to being considered as a valuable support to distributed generation, Smart Grids bring benefits in terms of reduced consumption and infrastructure management costs, since they facilitate consumption of local energy production.


[Download the image of the generation distributed in high definition]

A real revolution that has turned the traditional concept of residential home upside down. Today, the home represents both the place where energy is needed and the centre where energy itself is produced.


A "smart home" is an environment designed and equipped to satisfy customer needs.
All the equipment and systems used within a Smart Home can be programmed by users, but they are also able to perform a number of functions in a partial or autonomous way.


ico_comfort.svg Comfort
The integration of systems and the possibility to customise them to improve domestic life. Inside a Smart Home, you can control each device by simply pressing a button and have full control of your house, even remotely.


ico_sicurezza.svg Safety
The automatic closure and locking of doors and windows acts as a protection for the main access points of the house and brings the Smart Home to a higher security level.


ico_risp-energetico.svg Energy saving
Home automation allows for a smart use of energy, which is only employed when and where it's needed. 



Evolvere has interpreted the changes taking place in the industry and has developed new energy efficienty and green energy production systems. For the future, we are analysing solutions to be implemented either directly or through business partnership agreements with manufacturers of the related technologies:

ico_microeolico.svg Micro wind technologies
Clean energy production from wind power, made possible through the use of wind turbines shorter than 30 metres.


ico_solare_termo.svg Concentration on solar power's ability to provide heat

Solar system with a Stirling engine for the combined production of electricity and hot water.


ico_pensiline-fotov.svg Photovoltaic shelters for vehicle charging

Design of shelters with photovoltaic cells equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.


ico_recup-acque.svg Rainwater recovery

A system able to collect rainwater and make it reusable for garden irrigation and toilet flushing.


ico_fuel-cell.svg Fuel cells
Electrochemical devices able to convert gas (or hydrogen) directly into electricity and heat, without using combustion systems.


ico_teleriscaldam.svg District heating and cooling
Centralised heat and cold water production system supplied directly to the users. Consequently, boilers and chimneys will no longer be necessary and they will be replaced by a simple heat exchanger providing heat/cooling to the houses.

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