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Home automation

The smart system that caters to your every need

Home automation is the study of technologies that can be used to improve the quality of life inside our homes by using smart interconnected devices to monitor electricity, gas and water consumption and combine several functions: monitoring, comfort, safety, energy saving and communication.


We have implemented three major application scenarios:


It is possible to monitor the temperature in each room of the house.
The various devices inside the house can be integrated and managed as multi-sensors (for example, to turn on / off the heaters depending on the presence of people in the rooms). Thanks to the smart thermostat, it is possible to adjust the house's temperature by interacting with air conditioning and heating systems. 


Thanks to Health Care, you can monitor the vital signs of people by using bracelets equipped with sensors.
The bracelets come with a panic button that sends an alert to the device and an IP camera system.
Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the safety condition of the house by using special cameras and infrared motion detectors.


By using a smart plug, energy loads can be monitored for consumption control.


[Download the image of home automation in high definition]


Evolvere's system consists of a gateway that can be connected to the home automation devices for each of the scenarios described above.
The gateway can be powered through the mains and connected to a domestic WiFi network.
Let's think of a platform used to monitor energy production and consumption. The platform consists of hardware and software components that manage and monitor electronic equipment together.
The hardware part includes two main components: a data logger and a radio device. The data logger is able to communicate with other electrical equipment (counters, inverters, string boxes) to be installed in the customer's house and can be configured remotely via the mobile app. The radio device, on the contrary, monitors temperature and motion detectors, brightness, etc...
Each installed device may be used to implement multiple functions by connecting it to just one gateway.
The software, web platform and heart of the system, is used to receive the data of the various data loggers employed. Consequently, it is possible to centralise, store and process all information in a cloud-based infrastructure.


We are analysing new applications through gateway interconnection with the following devices:


ico_multisensor.svg Multisensor
turns heaters on/off based on the presence of people in the rooms.


ico_valvola-termo.svg Smart thermostatic valve 
valves may vary heat intensity by communicating with the gateway that defines temperature and on/off times.


ico_smart-termo.svg Smart Thermostat 
the sensor measures the temperature, communicates with the air conditioning/heating devices and adjusts the temperature inside the house.




ico_smart-bracelet.svg Smart jawbone bracelet 
it detects the user's vital signs, sends an alert to the device and monitors daily activities by providing feedback based on goals.


ico_ipcam.svg IP Cams

digital cam with SD video recording when alerts are sounded; video streaming via app.


ico_pulsante-antip.svg Panic button

it sends an alert to the device and allows for audio/video streaming activation, thus allowing other people to communicate with the user.



ico_sensori-infraros.svg Infrared sensors

they detect the movement of people in a certain area by sending real-time alerts to the gateway.


ico_sensori-porte.svg Sensors to be applied to doors/windows

the door/window sensor can be used as an alarm for unauthorised trespassing.


ico_ipcam.svg IP Cams

digital cam with SD video recording when alerts are sounded; video streaming via app.



ico_smart-plug.svg Smart plug

it detects possible malfunctions even in stand-by mode and sends them to the gateway.


ico_motion-multi.svg Motion multisensor 
it reports unbundled power consumption, people passing by, light intensity, temperature/humidity ratio.


ico_smart-bulb.svg Smart bulb
ON/OFF control of lighting even in remote mode and the ability to set the energy saving mode.


ico_smart-meter.svg Smart meter

instant control of the overall consumption curve, constant sending of data to the gateway and the ability to set consumption limits.


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