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Solar PrestiBond

Evolvere and Prestiamoci together to meet supply and demand through the marketplace

Two important products have resulted from the collaboration between Evolvere and Prestiamoci. TUO is the Evolvere product allowing customers to purchase a photovoltaic system for their house and pay through small self-liquidating monthly instalments, whereas Prestiamoci's PRESTAILSOLE is dedicated to those wishing to finance Evolvere's customers who have subscribed to the TUO offer.

The cooperation between the two companies has resulted in the creation of Solar Presti-Bond, a community that puts small lenders, wishing to obtain high returns on their savings, in contact with customers interested in purchasing distributed generation solutions through consumer credit loans.


Prestiamoci, the community dealing with loans between people, combines sharing economy, typical of the web world, with the credit system, thus allowing everyone to access the personal loans market.
Every month, the lender receives a share of the capital plus the accrued interests related to the financed loans.
Through the marketplace, lenders can use their savings in an easy, fast and transparent way while maximizing their return over time.

The community allows for direct personal loan financing, without intermediaries, thus limiting costs and generating higher returns for the lender.


The community is built on a strong concept of transparency, which allows the lender to access information on individual loans in the marketplace. It is therefore possible to finance people and their green economy projects directly through Prestiamoci's PRESTAILSOLE.

The project brings environmental benefits and creates new employment opportunities for the territory.


All you need to do is register on the website. Select PRESTAILSOLE as the loan to be financed and complete the bank transfer, print the contract that will be sent to you via e-mail and send it back to Prestiamoci.


In order to access credit and install a photovoltaic system in your house, all you need to do is purchase the TUO product offered by Evolvere. By choosing TUO, the customer will be able to access the best rates on the market and get a loan at much lower rates.


The Evolvere consultant will visit the customer's house and be available for any clarification on the contract and loan. The community's lenders choosing PRESTAILSOLE will invest their shares until the total amount is paid off.


The Prestiamoci team will consider the customer's request. If the customer has a good credit history and meets all the requirements to obtain the financing, their loan will be added to the marketplace and they will receive the money. Once the loan will be obtained, the customer will pay the instalments through direct SEPA debit each month.

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Prestiamoci is a web platform to cater to the supply and demand of loans between private citizens. For more information, visit the website.

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