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Smart thermostat

Welcome to the smart heating era

Tado° is available along with some types of offers; it is the quality-certified smart thermostat that can optimize your consumptions and provide maximum comfort to your entire family.

With Tado°, your heating is turned down as soon as family members go out and turns on when you are about to come home. 


  • geolocation: tado° adjusts the temperature, reducing or increasing it, depending on each family member's distance from the house it is installed in

  • room thermostat: the device interacts with your heating system and the internet

  • ease of use: no technical skills needed

  • no invasive installation: the system does not require modifications to existing systems or the walls

  • technology and efficiency in a single touch: thanks to the dedicated app, Tado° can detect your distance from the house and allows you to change the temperature and settings wherever you are

Thanks to this innovative thermostat, you will have maximum comfort and save considerably on the consumptions arising from the heating of your house.


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